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If you have been sent a Web-organizer or have been given access to the NetClient/NetStaff (Virtual Office) Portal, you may login here.

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*** IMPORTANT *** New Requirements From the IRS regarding Passwords, Multi-factor Authentication and Login timeouts for our Portal.
These are new rules mandated by the IRS, AgeeFisherBarrett, LLC has no control over these new requirements.

1) Password strength: As defined by the IRS, a strong password contains a minimum of eight characters, with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character.

2) The IRS requires that passwords expire after 90 days.

3) Timeout period: After 30 minutes of inactivity, your portal session will time out and users will be required to re-authenticate using their credentials.

4) Thomson Reuters (the service provider we use) Requires all users to use Multi-factor Authentication and the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app.

Thomson Reuters Authenticator app

By Thompson Reuters.

The Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app makes it possible to add a powerful layer of security to protect the confidential data in your Thomson Reuters software.

The app enables you to secure your applications and data via multi-factor authentication—a process by which you verify your identity when you log in to the software, either by approving a login request in the Authenticator app or by entering a unique numerical code provided by the app. The requirements for multi-factor authentication are simply an internet connection, a smartphone or tablet and the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app.

This additional security feature for your firm can be required for all staff members or enabled on an opt-in basis. We strongly advise that you enable multi-factor authentication to strengthen the security of both your firm's and your clients' data—and Thomson Reuters will be there to support you every step of the way.

Select an option below to download the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app.



NetClient CS Mobile App

By Thompson Reuters.

The NetClient CS app offers convenient, on-the-go access to our online accounting services via your mobile device. With this app, you’ll have access to your NetClient CS portal where you can view your Tax Return and other documents we have uploaded for you. Now supports File Exchange/Dropbox integration. Use File Exchange to upload document pictures from your photo library, take new pictures using device camera, or upload documents from Dropbox.

Download the app and logon with your provided portal login and password. Don't have a Portal Account setup with file exchange? Ask your Tax Advisor to get one setup for you..



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